Welcome to the first Network of Light newsletter. In November 2002 there was a gathering at a Wessex Research group meeting called 'The Network of Light: The Re-emergence of Holistic Networking.' A surprising number of people attended and it was affirmed that the time was right for the invisible network to be made visible again, refounding the outer side of the Network of Light.

This was followed by the Network of Light meditation link up on December 21st 2002 at 9pm. Many people responded to this, feeling that the impact of world events is impelling us to rise to a higher stage of spiritual development where the manifestation of spiritual power can be an active force in world affairs. At this time of crisis we can choose to mobilise goodwill and use meditation as an act of creativity and cooperation between individuals and groups who are working for a better world.

Contacts were quickly built up in Scotland, Wales, Norfolk, the Midlands and across the south of England and this has continued to grow during the first year of its activity. (see contact list). In June this year Paul Fletcher and Nigel Blair again spoke in Sherborne about 'The Emerging Light' and from this meeting it was decided

a) To produce two printed newsletters a year

b) To launch this website

c) To hold meditation link ups on the first day of each month at 9pm (details)

We feel priviledged to have made contact with people who have many years experience in the holistic movement and who can now act as an example and focus point for those who now wish to link in. Their wealth of accumulated experience and expertise has already stood the test of time, but we stress that every contact is crucial for the greater picture and all people have a unique contribution to make. With our spiritual resources linking up and joining together through the power of meditation, the internet and the meetings of the future, the materialism and selfishness that can currently appear so strong will prove to be less dominant in world affairs.

Of itself, the Network of Light does not need to be created, for as a reality it already exists. The task of 'building' consists of bringing a dimension of spiritual being into actual operation through the practice of spiritual principles which alone can produce the desired effect. So conditions have to be precipitated or become objectified on the material plane. This is part of the work and this is only the beginning. By contributing now you can make it happen far more powerfully and naturally from the grass roots. Suffice it for now - we have sown a seed.

Paul Fletcher & Nigel Blair October 2003

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