The Network of Light in Scotland

by Margot Daru-Elliott

Following the November 2002 meeting in Sherborne things moved quickly with the network in Scotland. Central to this was the linking with the Theosophical Society in Scotland and Gordon Strachan's group (of Grail Studies). The Network soon widened with many people being enthusiastic and willing to play a part in any meditation or link-up which can raise consciousness. Leaflets have been distributed over a wide area linking up with other groups such as James Twyman's and the Brahma Kumaris who organised an interfaith meeting in City Chambers, Edinburgh. A group of friends are in the process of setting up a spiritual community on the borders of France and Spain, based on the land and a village house which is being restored. There are also links with a North American group who attended the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury in August.

We feel it is important for Scotland to be independent but not separate from the activities in England and Wales and to see the coming time as one of great change and opportunity. The time for action is now, when all those people who have been nurturing a vision for so long will have an opportunity to connect in reality.

On the 14th of March 2004 Margot will be talking at the Wessex Research group in Sherborne about 'Making the Net Work.' In November she is talking to The Theosophical Society in Edinburgh about 'The Masters and the Network.'