The Network of Light:
From Strength to Strength

by Nigel Blair

The concept of the Network of Light is far from a new one, but it is a newly empowered one. The energies of the new millennium are of a quite different order from those of even the recent past. The 1970's, 80's and 90's were largely times of anticipation. We are now witnessing the birth of a new and powerful period of manifestation. Things which have been long predicted are now being enacted.

In our own Wessex Research Group network there is a clear shift in the current programmes to such things as permaculture, sustainability, herbs, natural therapies, eco-architecture, networking and education. Books and journals long planned are now being published. Holistic groups much-needed for decades are now being formed. The Internet abounds with spiritual input. No longer is there any need for sincere seekers to be alone on their quest. The time of people scorned, shunned or discriminated against for choosing enterprising new spiritual options is past.

This is all to the good, but it involves a risk. This is one long predicted by certain twentieth century spiritual teachings. It is the danger of energies being dissipated by striking out into too many individual and uncoordinated directions which do not support each other. The result, potentially, could be chaos, bewilderment, vulnerability and lack of discrimination.

The answer is a link up network of people of goodwill worldwide, without dogmatic requirements but with a one-ness of spirit: unity in diversity. The essential needs are the spontaneous wish to help, the common recognition of need, the universal joy of sharing, the unconditional commitment to the sacred quest for truth, and as Sir George Trevelyan put it, the rising tide of love.

If we can build on the start we have made we will have promoted a purpose far greater than anything we can now envisage. This amounts to nothing less than the stepping out, with the new millennium, onto the next stage of the evolution of humanity on this beautiful Planet Earth.

We humans, like the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms of our planet, may seem frail and endangered, but beneath the surface we have massive and enduring inner strengths. We may superficially seem to be going from crisis to crisis, but Sir George frequently pointed out that "crisis" in Chinese means "opportunity for important change." In reality, as eternal souls, we are learning repeated inner lessons and going from strength to strength.

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