Expansion and Integration

by Paul Fletcher

The Network has continued to expand with many new people joining the meditation each month. Behind each name listed there are often several more people who link up with us yet wish to remain anonymous. Several more groups, organisations and networks are also linking in with the 9.00 pm meditation on the first evening of each month. After each meditation reports reach us of wonderful moments and happenings during the link ups, not only from around Britain but from far afield in Hawaii, Australia, Africa, Switzerland and India.

On occasion the flaming intersections of the web have been lit with triple flames and there has been a real sense of all the kingdoms co-operating in this Grand Exercise of Purpose. Part of this purpose is that human consciousness, being essentially divine, can raise the level of energy flowing along the etheric web and so effect and influence the physical world for the better. Now new energies are being released for this effort. Because Britain contains some of the oldest energy centres its potency is considerable. The re-emerging landscape temples and zodiacs of these islands inform our future work and will have to be defended against the developers and forces of materialism. Over winter 2004 we aim to publish a small booklet explaining more about this subject, outlining some of the recent history of this work during the twentieth century.

Although many people use The Great Invocation at the nine o clock point there is no ritual, no form of words and no limitation in our thoughts. Everyone should feel that they can participate and give expression to the highest ideals to which they can attain, serving the well-being of humanity with love in co-operation with the Great Unseen Forces.

Someone asked recently, what does the meditation do? It enables those who participate in it to experience entry into a new dimension. It brings us all into a deeper spiritual union or stronger resonance with each other . Additionally it strengthens the links which we already have with the Spiritual Spheres or Realms.

During the meditation we can rededicate our lives offering ourselves as channels through which Divine Power can freely flow.

As the world struggles to birth the new forms of sustainable living we recognise that we are still in a period of transition. However by simultaneously joining together in silence at the beginning of each month we allow the light of the soul to bathe the world, awakening humanity to its spiritual destiny. From within ourselves we can now call forth the light into active external manifestation so that it may play upon the urgency of world need and heal and bless those towards whom we direct its radiating power.

If you do not already participate in the meditation at 9.00 pm on the first day of each month we hope you will consider joining with us in the coming months.

We would like hear your comments about the emerging form of the Network of Light meditation and any experiences you wish to share.