The Network in Our Times

We are living through momentous times. A great struggle is underway between those who wish to serve and co-operate and those who favour materialism and separateness. This is being played out on many levels from the world of international politics through to the neighbourhood and our family homes. Have you noticed how there is almost a script being played out in time? The earthquake and tsunami of Boxing Day 2004, which led to the outpouring of compassion and human resources from humanity was followed by the earthquake of Easter Monday 2005, with much less loss of life.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand these ‘events’ with our rational minds but what is becoming clear is that through global media we, humanity, are being given opportunity after opportunity to come together and meet our responsibilities for the coming era. The campaign to end poverty ( is perfectly timed to challenge our comfortable western lifestyles and point out that ‘sharing’ is one of the keys to spiritual progress and future world peace.

Our challenge as humans is to rise to this occasion in time and space. We stand between the Higher Powers, those kingdoms of angelic form and the lower kingdoms of animals, vegetables and minerals – the essence of Gaia. We are the intermediary. During the Network of Light meditations at 9.00.p.m. on the first of every month many people are aware of this co-operation between these three forces. Whether meditating in ones or twos or as a group we help to strengthen the forces of integration and by using the Great Invocation we help to distribute the required energies of synthesis throughout the world. These energies then begin to play upon the form of things and have their effect. Co-operation, cohesion, integration. These are the keynotes of the present.

“ Heaven, Earth and I are living together, and all things and I form an inseparable unity.” Chuang Tzu, Chinese Sage.