A New Manifestation

by Nigel Blair (June 2005)

2005 is pre-eminently a year of manifestation. Great schemes have in past years and decades been planned The remarkable thing is that many of them are now in place, or at least within measurable distance of coming into being. Spiritual communities, environmental colleges, inspirational books, holistic magazines and lectures, inner workshops are thriving as never before, in a great rebirth of awareness, to say nothing of myriads of personal contacts, realisations and synchronicities of which most of us know nothing. In our four networks, a strange phenomenon, always present in past years, is becoming more pronounced. People are finding that the very first actions involved in starting to do things are part of the guidance and the deeper understanding of the objective, something that Rudolf Steiner once commented on when he said that the human will was expressed especially in the use of the hands. Feel the nervousness and uncertainty, in other words, and do it anyway: for in the doing lies greater courage and intuition. In the world it is to some extent a time of conflict, but even this has its positive side: it can make people question orthodox values and cry for help. These cries are heard on higher planes, and the answers fed back to those sensitive enough to heed them, through our thoughts and actions. The sense of urgency, too, drives people to action. Apparent disasters are not all that they seem. Feel the despair and rage, in other words, and go forward anyway: go forward whatever, however, and above all, together. In the holistic
movement it is supremely a time of coming together, as we know in the Network of Light: for we live in  the age of the group as Vera Stanley Alder once wrote in her magnificent work, ‘The Initiation of the World.’ If we can marshall and combine our energies in such a way that we can translate thought into action near-instantaneously and harmoniously, this first decade of the new millennium will truly be one for future generations to remember.