News From the Network

by Paul Fletcher


As most of you will already know Nigel Blair the co-refounder of the Network of Light passed away on 27th August 2005. This was a sad loss to those of us who knew and worked alongside Nigel in many of his historic projects. In this issue we print his final ‘Network of Light’ article, which he had prepared several weeks before becoming ill. Also available are copies of the ‘A Tribute to Nigel Blair’ from the Avalon Magazine (issue number 31). If anyone requires a copy of this send a large S.A.E. to Paul Fletcher, 102 Wells Road, Glastonbury, BA6 9AG.

Nigel was in no doubt that the spiritual work he was involved in would continue and of course this is indeed the case. The Wessex Research Group Network has formed a Trust with 6 trustees to continue the talks and meetings that Nigel organised and loved so much. The Network of Light is continuing to grow steadily month by month, meditation by meditation. We often receive phone calls or letters from new groups of people who are meeting on the first of the month at 9.00. p.m. and the network has grown so rapidly there is no longer space to have a full list of contacts. You will find main area contacts at the end of this newsletter.