A Suggested Meditation

With regard to the specifics of the meditation. We have had considerable enquiry about a format for the meditation and while not wishing to ‘imprint’ too strongly this would be a suggested outline:

To try and be sitting quietly by 8.50 p.m. so that one has entered the meditation before 9.00. p.m. To say the Great Invocation at the 9.00 o clock starting point. To then focus on the Findhorn - Iona - Glastonbury triangle joining these three great spiritual centres with lines of light. To then imagine the arc of the emerging Temple of Maia (Britannic Temple – see Gatekeeper Trust) from Castlerigg at the head of the Lake District passing down through Arbor Low in Derbyshire to High Cross on the A5 in the Midlands to Avebury, Glastonbury and on down to St. Michael’s Mount. To then ‘see’ the Michael and Mary lines passing into Britain through St. Michael’s Mount and to follow that line across to the Norfolk coast (see Broadhurst and Millers’ ‘Serpent and the Sun’).

Then focus on the points of light you are drawn to – either in Britain or the rest of the world as your consciousness indicates. Feel the link-up with the angelic kingdoms and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms and the forces of Gaia. Really try and ‘see’ yourself as part of the Plan of Co-operation and Healing on the planet at this time. As the link-up energy begins to fade, usually about 9.25 to 9.35, then focus back into yourself, into your heart and come back into your own space. As we have pointed out before if you cannot make the actual time for any reason then try and do the mediation at a more convenient time for you on the day.