Weaving the Network of Light into Life

by Mandy Simone

On the 1st June, at 8.30 pm, I arrived at a house that runs courses for the Gaia Co-operative. (www.gaiacooperative.org) The people there were completely new to Network of Light yet half an hour later we were starting the meditation together; more new people, another new place. I pause here to wonder what shaped constellation it would make if I were to plot stars for the places that I have linked up with over the last while.

When I started doing the Network of Light meditations it was as an additional meditation that I did once a month.  I believe that our universe is a sea of light and that underneath our seeming discord is the harmony of love and light within ourselves. I would start the meditation focusing my awareness on my heart chakra, allowing myself to feel divine love pouring through me and streaming out across the pathways, starting with friends in Glastonbury and Ynys Mon.

It feels as if that initial phase was the acorn that has now taken firm root and is busy spreading her branches far and wide. One branch is all the people I’ve met who now join me each month. Quite often people will ‘tune in’ around the 1st (as I typed that I had an image of an orchestra tuning up before starting to play a symphony – I like the analogy; network of light meditators preparing for their monthly concert, sending out the sweet sounds of love and light, aligning with the underlying harmony of the universe and thus raising the energy on earth and ‘along the etheric web’.) knowing that however far apart we are physically we will be working together at 9. p.m. In April I had spent the week-end with a group of friends at Trigonos, in North Wales, sharing bodyvoice sessions. On the Saturday evening we had a wonderful Beltane celebration. We had made a large spiral of candles on the grass and placed a mother stone that I have borrowed from Bardsey in the centre. We took it in turns to walk the spiral releasing anything that was keeping us from utter connection to ourselves. It was the last day of the month and the field of light was an appropriate prelude to the 1st. When we parted company on the 1st, the Sunday afternoon, we called out to each other, ‘see you at 9’! That evening I was camping on the Lleyn peninsula with Rosie a friend from Cumbria, which gave me the opportunity to share the meditation with her and have the network take root in her part of the Lakes.  An ever expanding host of people, I find myself laughing at the joyful nature of the work we do. The work of aligning with love and harmony, raising our vibrations, helping the shift to oneness, to peace. Vital work.

Another branch is all the places I’ve travelled to during this time and that I now link up with. Many of these are
acknowledged ‘special places’; Chalice Well (where during meditation I was told that I was to work as a conduit), Carnac, Penmon, Ynys Enlli (Bardsey), Castlerigg, and many are personal power spots; one is a tree in a field in Manchester! Increasingly I feel the divine nature of all places and now consciously connect with what for shorthand I call the ‘barbed wire spots’. In each thing there is everything. So for me the meditation includes linking up with people and places and usually leaving the Earth at some stage, joining hands with everyone, the angels flying amongst us, and watching as the light pours through us and over us bathing the Earth. Since my training in reconnective healing I also, at the end of the meditation, link to those frequencies and send out distant healing; it is very powerful doing it at that time.

One of the things that inspires me is the delicious combination of everydayness and the ethereal and how they are coming closer and closer together ! I am becoming increasingly aware of the angelic realms, another branch of this strong healthy tree. Since receiving guidance in Chalice Well gardens I’ve known that there are beings guiding and helping us in this great venture. Some months later Angela was giving me a sound bath at her home in Manchester. While she was playing the crystal bowls I became aware of presences in the room that gradually manifested (or rather, my resistance gradually dissolved) as semi-transparent white beings. As I relaxed further they encircled me and helped Angela with her work. I am now often aware of them and always during the network meditation . I recently stayed at Angela’s and slept in the bowl room; in the night I was woken by a beautiful pulsating green light, edged with white, shining above me. These events have been important lessons to me as to how much help we are getting from other realms. When I was staying on Ynys Enlli this spring a woman who lives there said, ‘you know, this island is the angels’ training ground, they all come here before being sent off around the world’ ! And one friend described an experience of ‘flying with the angels’ whilst meditating.

From being a once a month meditation the network of light is now an integral part of my life. The Branches grow and multiply. Every thought, every act, every moment is an opportunity to allow the love and the light, which are always there, to shine. Sometimes I know this and sometimes I forget. The trunk, whose girth grows ever wider, is the monthly meditation that brings us all back into alignment, as, on the first of the month, we each tune the instrument of our own being ready to play our part in this symphony of life.